A studio and sales gallery of contemporary paintings by Roxanne Andorfer


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About Me


My Background

I was born in Virginia and raised throughout the Midwest, and now make my home in Santa Fe, NM with my two cats Hansel and Gretel. My father, who was also an artist, taught me how to observe and render light and shadow in my coloring books when I was four, and continued to teach me to draw and paint up until I was sixteen.   I've continued to paint ever since then.  My work is eclectic because I enjoy both realism and abstraction.   


My Medium

I originally painted in oils because that's what my father used, but switched to acrylics because of the brighter colors. Why do I paint? First because it's in my blood, as my grandmother and mother were also artists. I also paint because I love light and color and seek to render my own vision of the world on canvas. 


My Inspiration

I draw my inspiration from anything that attracts my fancy, in particular nature, music, childhood memories, mythology, man-made objects and the work of other artists, including Paul Klee, Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele, Wayne Thiebaud, Edward Hopper, Vincent Van Gogh,  Friedensreich Hundertwasser, Richard Diebenkorn  and Henri Matisse.